Hello and welcome.

my name is Oh Jee Hyun, 
writes 오 지 현 in Korean.
I introduce myself as 'Jee' to non Koreans. 

I was born and lived in South Korea 
before I moved to the UK in October 2003.
I had and have various professions 
both in South Korea and the UK
piano accompanist, teacher, author, designerartist 
and I am a mother of a beautiful boy.

I created this space to feature my works, 
archive my research and inspire myself 
as well as others who share common interests.
It is currently under construction and expands
as I continue to add my stuffs here.

All materials on this website including images 
and texts are property of their respective owners 
and protected by copyright (2004-2016).

My address is jeehyun.oh(at)gmail.com
I also tweet, pinterestinstagram and linkedin. 

thank you.