Hello and welcome.

My name is Jee Oh. 
I am a practicing artist and designer based in Kingston upon Thames, the UK. Originally from KoreaI moved to London for my academic studies in 2003.

I make works using various art media including industrial and electronic. The principal themes that I explore, question and reinterpret through my art-making are hybridity, uncertainty and continuity that I (and you) experience in our daily lives; such as network media communication, multiculturalism and motherhood. My artworks were exhibited at art venues in Austria, United Kingdom, South Korea, Slovenia, USA and Singapore.

This online space is to showcase my works, archive my research and inspire myself as well as others who share common interests. It is currently under construction and expands continuouslyAll materials on this website including images and texts are protected by copyright (2000-2017).

My e-address is jeeoh.k(at)gmail.com

Thank you.

What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination.