Hello and welcome.

My name is Oh Jee Hyunwrites 오 지 현 in Korean.
I introduce myself as Jeeoh to non Koreans. 

I was born and lived in South Korea 
before I moved to London, UK in October 2003
in order to pursue academic studies.
I work and live in London since.

I have been introduced as various professions
designer, piano accompanist, teacher, author and artist
This online space is to showcase my works,
archive my studies and inspire myself 
as well as others who share common interests.
It is currently under construction and expands
as I continue to add more stuffs.

All materials on this website including images 
and texts are protected by copyright (2000-2017).
For contact, my address is jeeoh.k(at)gmail.com

Thank you.


What you get by reaching your destination
is not nearly as important
as what you will become by reaching your destination.