"...My idea was to create an open source new media artwork. I chose a blueprint of one of my own projects to open to the public.

Information was shared from the early stages of development to the technical details as well as the communication with technical supporters such as some of the people I met during my exhibitions, who were interested in the practical part of the project.

Before I executed the plan in 2007, I arranged to meet a group of young university students at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST), one of the most prime science and technology institutions in South Korea. They were members of 'MIRAGE', the Micro Robot Aggregation group at the university who are annually preparing Robots for attending the FIRA Robot World Cup. They had a lot of experience creating circuit board toys but never worked with an artist or for an exhibition.
I prepared a short presentation to introduce them to my electronic plant, 'GORI' in order to design their own version of a mini robot plant for which I would document the whole development process. We worked remotely as I was living in London and our communication happened by online conference calls using Skype. Idea sketches, video files, many reference documents were exchanged for about 10 months and I published them on four Wiki pages. 

'seed_1216976400' was a sculpture of four giant corrugated paper rolls on which histories of the four wiki pages were printed. It is a selected version of the blueprint between the beginning and 2008-07-25 00:00:00 GMT. The 10 digits '1216976400' is the converted Unix time stamp and the paper rolls are associated with more traditional means of storing information..."

Collaborators: Mirae Seo and Hosung Lee