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GORI.Node Garden (2004 - )

is an ambient data visualisation in tangible physical form of a mechanical plant bed. The garden is nurtured by network data collected from mobile devices or cyber chat space. Gori.Node Garden adopts the idea of *Zen gardening to explain an alternative view of network that interconnects between real and cyber space and portrays networked environment with metaphors of nature.

(at Dana Centre, London, UK, 2005)

In GORI.Node Garden, 'networking is gardening’ where online user is ‘gardener', mobile phone number or online instant messenger ID is 'a seed', identifying each plant with seeds is 'to plant' and pushing data created through the communication into the garden is 'watering' to nurture the plants. 

(at Ars Electronica, Austria, 2005)

Each plant, 'GORI' blinks, grows or vibrates, similar to how plants move in the breeze, as the garden is nourished by data. The plant has a long, thin acrylic stem and a round, flat metal blossom on top of it. Its root has a mechanical structure with a small circuit board that controls the GORI behaviours. The term 'GORI' generally means 'to link' and 'open hook' in Korean and it is often used to refer to the 'fastening' and 'loosening' of human relations. 

(in Santa Barbara, USA, 2006) 

Technical Collaborators: Erik Kearney and Allan Au (version 2 & 3)
Acknowledgements: Karel Dudesek, Ravensbourne College UK and Kiberpipa Slovenia 

*Gardening once was one of art forms of Zen principle of Buddhism to emphasise the intentional blurring of the distinction between man-made and natural material.