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GORI.Node Garden in Kiberpipa

"...In 2006, I was invited as an artist-in-residence by Kiberpipa, a cultural media centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The centre organizes open workshops on open code programming and recycling of computer devices and hosts HAIP, a biannual international media festival inviting artists and scholars from overseas. While I was at Kiberpipa, I experienced broad creative and technical collaboration with specialists as an independent media practitioner and worked with micro electronic engineers and software developers. 

My more unique experience at Kiberpipa was from the fact that the centre is a hub for experiments in cyberculture and run by student volunteers, mostly open source enthusiasts whose motto is 'all our codes belong to you'. 

Their laboratory equips all the computers run in 100% open source softwares from operating systems to video editing softwares, some of applications internally developed by themselves. A small program was developed for my project using open source applications and it functioned exactly the same but faster than the original software which was a Windows based application.  

My two months time at Kiberpipa widened my view on the open source community and brought me many questions about the role that artists could have in our time as I witnessed another layer of cyberspace culture. It was a very refreshing and valuable experience for someone like me who is normally surrounded by ready-made computers and software." 

Dasa Lakner, Ivan Leben, Peter Cuhalev, Jure Cuhalev, Katja Gucek, Bostjan Spetic, Dejan Sakelsak, Borut Kumperscak, Nena Kojadin and Kiberpipa in Ljubljana